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The global vocation of startups means that in a short period of time they have to deal with multiple markets almost simultaneously, without having, in many cases, the knowledge and appropriate local contacts. Made in Möbile has participated in the introduction in the Spanish and Portuguese markets of more than 20 startups as well as B2B and B2C, from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Israel, United Kingdom or Singapore.


YouAppi is a 360 growth marketing platform that combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to increase customer acquisition and retention.

YouAppi offers an unprecedent view of the mobile user experience by analyzing the mobile content of more than two billion users, making the use of this information efficient in campaigns of main international brands such as Amazon, McDonalds, Cabify, HBO, Shiseido or Sony.

Based in San Francisco and with a strong presence in the Asian market, Youappi has relied on Made in Möbile for its expansion in Spain. We have participated in the definition and development of the sales strategy and supported the company in its connection with the key agents of the marketing and advertising sector in the local market.


The digitalization of services such as finding a parking space, paying the parking meter or gasoline from the mobile phone is key for the city user.

Aware of this, the Setex Group launched E-park.

And since 2015, at Made in Möbile, we help the application to have a business model based on advertising without charging a fee for user services. Defining with them the sales strategy, formats in the application, we have managed to trust E-park brands such as Ford, Lexus, Hyundai, BMW but also MasterCard, Samsung Pay or Red Bull.


Sportacam, a Finnish company, was one of the first startups we helped to introduce in Spain. It was an application that allowed users to interact with their friends and their favorite sports clubs with a peculiarity: all communication was video format.

The goal of Sportacam was to be able to offer to football, basketball, handball clubs, definitely, any sport with a relevant mass of audience, a niche platform to interact with its followers.

In six months, Made in Möbile managed to get Sportacam more than 15 different sports clubs in its portfolio among which were Málaga CF, Student Club, Inter Movistar, Baskonia or the UCAM of Murcia. After these good results, we helped its founders, Tomi and Aleksi, find a Country Manager to take charge of reaping results. Our role became the advisor for this market and the following.

But, like many startups, Sportacam did not finish validating its model with the clients they had achieved, which is why they decided to pivot their business towards a technological platform for the broadcasting of entertainment television programs.

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