How we do it

Our experience and creativity give life to your innovation

We build ties between your company and startups to emerge successful projects and mutual learning.

We co-create products and services with entrepreneurial mindset and speed, so the result only means one thing: innovation.

We motivate the cultural transformation of the organization’s teams by providing them with the right tools to take advantage of external and internal changes.


We find, adjust and implement the mechanism appropriate to your company’s objectives: Venture client, Scouting, Challenges to the community, Hackatons …


We accompany the internal teams in the design and execution of your company’s innovation actions.


Experimenting and connecting to the ecosystem are key factors in your company’s innovation. You will know who is who and what is happening; you will take advantage of external knowledge and integrate it in an agile way; you will cooperate and share knowledge with the key agents.


We accept the rejection of the transformation of the existing processes. Instead, we get the change of your employees’ mindset generating a positive impact on the people and the way they work.

Successful Cases


Porsche Ibérica, together with Made in Möbile, addresses the challenges that come from the transformation of the automotive sector from two angles:

  • Promoting the innovation of its internal teams: we created an innovation project office (Innovation Project Management Office) through which we support the execution of 8 projects initiated with Design Thinking that address from the own cultural transformation of the brand, to how analyze the information available in their tools.

Creating Porsche Smart Mobility Lab project that links Porsche Ibérica with the entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem in a bidirectional way through different activities: scouting startups for solving brand challenges, proof of concept, corporate trips to the world’s most innovative ecosystems, talks on trending topics… So far, it has had a presence in more than 25 events in which more than 1000 professionals have participated and it has connected with more than 70 startups.


Made in Möbile worked for Merck Spain within a project outlined and developed with an international approach in which several countries were involved.

In collaboration with our partner Result, we launched a digital innovation laboratory to explore new business formulas and agreements with digital companies and startups in the health industry.

For ten months, we conducted a deep scouting to discover technologies that could differentially solve the challenges of key areas of the company as different as Fertility, Neurology or General Medicine. As a result, we connected more than 50 startups with Merck Spain to assessed their viability as a pilots.


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