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It is a pity that with a 4% difference #brexit has been chosen.

However, being an entrepreneur, this type of situations are not a big problem for you. Probably you have passed along many other tigher barriers. There is no time to cry and is is time to act. If you have a startup, we are happy to help you internacionalize and duplicate your presence developing from Spain, to have a dynamic foothold within the EU.

This is what we do currently with start-ups from that come to us from Scandinavia to Israel, and this is what our client Sportacam thinks about our service.

We help them to raise capital, develop their business find clients and partners, recruit the best talent, provide legal and tax support, offer them an exciting work environment in our co-working centre, connect them with the Spanish and European business ecosystem, from marketing and communication to other the selection of other providers. In this manner, we contribute to their successful operations in an easy and affordable way.

For those still having doubts, here are five reasons to speak with us asap:

.- Spanish is a business in itself. Having your startup adapted and your sales material translated you can potentially have access to more than half a billion Spanish speaking natives. You did it in English, you know how important is…

.- Madrid is extremely well communicated and a cultural bridge with three continents: The Americas, Europe and Africa, only 15km away. It also has great connections to Asia. And you will keep collecting BA miles if you use Iberia.

.- Lots of talent available, skilled and cheaper than in other European countries. .- Europe average securities, health, education, safety, familiar regulations, public services, same players with the same business models (Google, Facebook, Linkedin… ) And last but not least,

.- One of the highest quality of life in the world, gastronomy,  weather,  happyness of the population and the best football matches just to no miss the Premier 😉

When do you want to come?

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